Tree removal is a complicated task that should be carried out only by professional arborists. It takes a high level of particular skill and expertise for a tree to be carefully, cleanly, and completely removed.

If you have hired the services of licensed tree specialists to get rid of a tree, then you’re on the right track. You shouldn’t remove any tree yourself.

While waiting for the tree removal professionals to arrive, there are some preparatory steps you should do on your end to ensure that the entire tree removal process will go smoothly:

Reserve a space for the professional’s work vehicles.

A tree removal company usually brings two to three vehicles with them for the tree removal process. One of these vehicles will carry the heavy duty equipment they need to be able to get rid of your tree efficiently, such as a tree chipper. You should prepare or reserve a space for all their vehicles so the professionals can access the things they need with no problem.

Clear out your lawn.

If you have outdoor furniture or decorations, temporarily remove them from your lawn as they could get in the way of the arborists. Keep in mind that trees are usually large in size, so you should give the tree removal specialists all the space they would need.

Remove anything that could get in the way of the arborists.

The arborists will most likely be walking back and forth to their vehicles more than once during the tree removal, sometimes carrying heavy items. To prevent accidents and any hassle, remove anything that could block their way.

Keep your pets indoors.

If you have pets that are used to freely roam around your lawn, keep them indoors, for now. The last thing you want is for your dog to bite an arborist and cause unnecessary problems.